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We love the leaders God has brought to engage kids of all ages. Our team has been vetted and equipped to help our littles learn in healthy and safe environments.   

Meet our team!

Here at The Oaks, our team is led in a shared leadership style.  We don't follow the traditional hierarchy in Church Leadership, instead we balance the guiding of the Oaks in combination with a Ministry Advisory Team (MAT) and a dual pastoral team.  We start with prayer to collectively discern any large decisions with the MAT, and work as a pastoral team to teach relevant biblically based sermons that allow each person hearing to encounter Jesus. We believe this form of leadership allows us to thrive in the gifts God has placed uniquely within us, gives the lead to the Holy Spirit and allows God to be glorified. 
Our pastoral team is comprised of Niccole Franklin and Nathan Perez. 
Niccole Franklin

Pastor Niccole originally planted the Oaks.  She currently leads community connections, and teaching at The Oaks; this includes Outreach, Church Events, and sermon series prep.

Nathan Perez

Pastor Nathan joined our lead team in 2020, amidst the pandemic.  He leads Discipleship and Development at the Oaks; this also includes organizing small groups, and equipping leaders to make disciples and walk with Jesus.   


Deep Roots is our youth group here at the Oaks. It is led by Kevin and Roe Jewett.  These teens are learning to grow deep in their walk with Jesus as they share in community together.

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Our Park is directed by Hannah Fenner and Mark Franklin.  Each week, kids from 4 years to 5th grade learn the same lesson simultaneous to those in the sanctuary through games, songs, and visual lessons.  


There’s lots of laughter coming from the Park!

Image by Rafael Leão


The Oaks was founded by the Franklins, who felt called to Goose Creek to love the community of Redbank Road. Mark and Niccole have been together for over 20 years and have 3 daughters; Cassie, Lainey, and Emalee.  The entire family saturates many areas of ministry, from kids, to tech, to worship.  


The Franklins share a story of radical redemption that came many years ago.  Their story includes a wide range of seasons and emotions: destruction, defeat, heartbreak, restoring, healing and a calling. Jesus said, "you did not choose me but I chose you," John 15:16.  This is how they landed in Goose Creek in 2011.  


The hope of the Oaks on Redbank Road is to create an atmosphere where authentic community happens and life grows.  We believe this community will bloom as we use our hands, hearts and lives so people can find and follow Jesus. People will see God as we serve them, people will hear God as we share our story, and people will know God as we live beyond ourselves and connect them with Him.  

Our heart for the physical Redbank community is to permeate Redbank Road. We've seen impact at places like the American Legion on Howe Hall Road, Schools on Redbank, and at Bald Monkey Beanery. We see Redbank Road grow life as we rally organizations to partner together for the good of the community.  This is the heartbeat of Christ... transforming communities one encounter at a time.  

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