We are so thankful for those that God leads to partner with what is happening at the Oaks!  We believe that giving is something one does from a place of gratitude when one puts their faith and trust in God, it is an act of giving God control of your finances. 


Every penny given to the Oaks goes to one of 4 places:

  • covering the cost for maintaining our meeting space,

  • reaching out weekly to our Redbank community (project love Rdbnk),

  • growing community inside the Oaks,

  • and partnering with multipliers who go to spread the good news of Jesus.  


All gifts are tax-deductible.  If you want to give a portion of your imcome as a tithe, we would be blessed to be good stewards.  If you would like to give an offering, it will likely go directly into the lives of families in the Oaks and/or on Redbank.  

Giving Page